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What was Duke hiding?

Duke’s owner brought him to see us  recently to participate in our senior health program. Duke’s health had mostly been fine at home, though sometimes getting a little more out of breath when walking up hills, and sometimes a little trouble getting in and out of the car.

As part of the senior program we run a comprehensive blood test and some urine tests to make sure that there are no health issues our pet’s cant tell us about, as well as a full physical exam. Duke’s physical exam was all very good, but there was some evidence he probably suffers from a bit of arthritis like most of our older pets, which is probably why he’s having a bit more trouble with the car and the hills than he used to.

Duke’s blood tests, however, showed some mild changes to his liver that were unexpected. The changes could have indicates something going on in the liver or a hormonal condition called Cushing’s disease.

Duke’s owner booked him in for an ultrasound and some further blood tests to make sure there was nothing serious going on that might require treatment.

Duke’s ultrasound results were luckily mostly good – there were no tumours, cirrhosis or other major issues with the liver identified, just some mild changes that may be normal for Duke. All Duke’s other abdominal organs looked fine. The blood tests for Cushing’s disease came back negative. Duke does have some mild liver changes though which we now know about and can monitor carefully as he gets older, which will hopefully mean we can treat any problems he develops while they are in the early stages.



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