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Why would you suddenly start to wee in the house?

This is Baci.

He has always been a bit more worried than his brother but in the last few weeks has on more than 3 occasions jumped on his owners bed and urinated on the bedding. Yes. Very unpleasant! Cats do this when they are unhappy about something.

When this happens the first thing we look for is a urinary tract infection. In Baci’s case his urine was relatively clear. On a full physical examination however it looked like there was a foreign body sticking into his gum.

Baci was started on pain relief then anesthetized. All his teeth were in excellent condition apart from his right lower molar 1. A sharp shard of bone was poking deep into the root. This tooth needed extraction after the bone shard was removed and he has continue pain medication and antibiotics once at home.

Our hope is that by relieving Baci of his terribly sore tooth problem he will feel better and not urinate on the bed. We will keep you updated.

UPDATE: August 2018: Baci is much improved with the urinary problems but has weed in the bedroom once or twice. His teeth were checked for dental month and look fantastic. To be thorough we ran a urine sample through our new sedivue urine analysis machine and there were no signs of infection.


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