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Naughty Neville

Dr Jill’s dog Neville is a scavenger of some renown. Not only does he steal food but he hides it around the garden ready to dig it up later. Many’s the time he is caught carrying chocolate still in it’s wrapper from hiding place to hiding place. Last week his naughty habit really backfired.

Neville stole 10 little boxes of sultanas.  He was found to have eaten 4 boxes. Sultanas, grapes and raisins are known to be poisonous in dogs and the toxic dose is unknown. (It causes renal failure). 

Neville was quickly made vomit, had blood tests and sat in a cage on intravenous fluids for 3 days to support his kidneys. Repeat bloods were fine. After going home on Wednesday he was left alone for a few hours and ate 3 more boxes. (Yes we had searched the garden). Back to the vets to be made vomit. Oh Dear!

4 days later with the problem forgotten he found 2 more dirt covered boxes and ate them. Back to the vet for a vomit.

A week later Neville is fine but he does have uncomfortable memories of the vet. He always ends up vomiting. NAUGHTY NEVILLE!

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