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Dangerous Dog Treats: 2

Sometimes we get a run of things.

Last month we saw Mia with the smoked kangaroo rib lodged in her throat. Well a week later these treats were causing problems again but at the other end.

Meet Ziggy. He was given a smoked kangaroo rib and a few days later was having a very uncomfortable morning. He kept running outside, trying to do a poo and crying.

Ziggy saw Dr Jill and she went straight to the source of the problem. She took  Ziggy to the treatment room so one of our very capable nurses could hold him. Jill did a rectal examination.

The problem was obvious immediately.  A sharp rib bone was lodged across his rectum poking into the wall on either side. With a lot of bravery from Ziggy and careful manipulation from Jill the bone was extracted without causing any damage.

What a relief! Note to self……avoid those sharp rib bones.

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