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Golf ball sized bladder stones

Jatz has been uncomfortably urinating for almost a year. She would strain and have little amounts produced. More recently she started leaking urine in her sleep. She even started squatting in the house.

As part of our senior promo Jatz presented for a full work-up. Firstly her urine test showed blood and bacteria so we knew something was going on.

The next thing was an abdominal Xray. It was a huge shock when the xray revealed bladder stones the size of golf balls!

Jatz’s blood results were surprisingly normal and these bladder stones were too large to cause a blockage, so we started her on antibiotics to control the infection before taking her to surgery.

A much larger incision in her bladder was needed than usual to remove these stones (uroliths) weighing roughly 50 grams each.


Jatz recovered beautifully from surgery and is now a much happier dog. Going to the toilet has become a joy!

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