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Billy’s rotten tooth

Billy saw Dr Jill King recently with a swelling below his right eye. Often people have difficulties monitoring their pet’s back teeth and Billy had a really rotten tooth. His mouth was smelly and he was obviously sore.

Billy came in for the day for a General Anaesthetic. He was given pain relief and a sedative on arrival and was placed on iv fluids to protect his circulation while under anaesthetic.

When anaesthetised the tooth could be assessed. The tooth was wobbly and surrounded by a nasty infection. If left untreated it could cause osteomyelitis a serious infection of his skull.

The tooth was removed and all his other teeth were examined then cleaned polished.

Billy was given more pain relief and a long acting antibiotic before he woke up. Additional pain relief was supplied free of charge when Billy went home. (We insist on good pain relief at Pittwater.)

Billy has recovered really well, but as with all dental disease, he will need regular check ups to avoid having such a nasty, painful problem again.

Billy is now on our dental program and will have regular dental checks. Come in for a veterinary dental check this August if you want to learn more about your pet’s teeth.

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