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Vestibular Syndrome

This is Widget, and she has a problem. She has developed a balance problem called vestibular disease.

One morning she woke up and the world was spinning. This happens suddenly and is terribly common in dogs as they age. We can tell that the world is spinning because she has this interesting symptom where her eyes are flicking. The eyeballs often trace across as she tries to understand her new lack of balance.

Widgets head is tilted to the right and as she walks along she will often veer to the right ending up with walking in circles.

Any sudden movement and she will lose balance and slip over.

Dogs with vestibular syndrome commonly have nausea and sometimes drool and go off their food.

Poor Widget, she is very confused. There is no treatment for vestibular syndrome except supportive care for dogs that are not eating or drinking and medication to control any nausea.

Luckily most dogs that have vestibular syndrome will learn to cope with their acquired balance problem and continue on to lead an almost normal life. They never have fabulous balance but it will be much better within a week.

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