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You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Rehab is one of the most rapidly growing sectors of human health. Maintaining muscle mass and flexibility into old age helps protect you from the health problems that life throws at you. It is just the same for animals.

Meet Bundy. He is perhaps the most loved dog in Newport, but at 15 years old he is getting very weak in his back legs. Bundy is a great candidate for rehab exercises.

Through a few easy to do exercises at home he is building up his thigh muscles through special sit and stand exercises. He is learning to place his feet more carefully doing the ladder run. Bundy is also starting to engage his core muscles to avoid that rounded back you get with age.

A work out session is tiring but it will increase his strength and help him be more stable on a walk.

If you have a special friend like Bundy and would like to help them age gracefully and maintain strength, contact us through our rehab link. 

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