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Doing our bit for the environment 2019

At Pittwater Animal Hospital we feel very strongly about our environmental impact and have looked at the whole business to see where we can change our behaviour to make the business more environmentally friendly. Here are some of the changes we have made that we think are making a difference.

First we looked at the utilities

  • We harvest rainwater and use it though our toilets.
  • The hospital has roof top solar panels.
  • Lighting is LED through out the hospital.
  • Our washing machine is set to use cold water.
  • Washing is dried on the line with limited use of the clothes drier.

Then our deliveries and disposables

  • Deliveries come in reusable containers where package can be returned to the supplier.
  • We prefer suppliers with environmental accreditation.
  • The hospital uses newspaper for lining cages.
  • Bedding is mostly old towels and blankets.
  • We use cloth drapes which are then washed in cold water and dried on the line before being sterilised.

Then we looked at the waste we produce

  • We have a compost bin for kitchen waste.
  • The hospital has a separate glass plus soft and hard plastic recycling bin.
  • There is separate paper and cardboard recycling.
  • We have a pod free coffee machine to avoid takeaway and keep reception happy.
  • The hospital limits single use plastic bags.
  • Prescription refills are supplied in paper bags.

We then looked at using the most environmental products

  • The hospital now uses “Who gives a crap” environmentally friendly toilet paper.
  • Our hand wash is environmentally friendly and better for our skin.

Then we looked at how to use less paper

  • Reminders are sent by sms to your phone.
  • Newsletters are sent by email.
  • Receipts can be sent by email.
  • Certificates can be sent by email.
  • General notifications about news are placed on Facebook.

But this morning we are really going too far. Warriewood is blacked out and we are IN THE DARK. Now that is really taking one for the environment!

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