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Jaffa Puss’s complete Senior Health Check

Jaffa Puss is a very well loved Scottish Fold cat. He demonstrates clearly how routine blood tests and monitoring can improve your cat’s health and lengthen their healthy lives.

Animals don’t tell you when they are sick, in fact most try to hide sickness. A few years ago Jaffa Puss had a routine monitoring blood test and it revealed he had early onset kidney disease. This is a common problem in cats. If kidney disease is diagnosed too late, there is very little we can do so early diagnosis is very, very important. 

Jaffa’s early diagnosis of kidney disease was followed by a recommendation for him to switch to a very high quality food Royal Canin Renal diet. By feeding this diet Jaffa Puss’s kidney factors have stabilise and some have improved.

This month, as part of our senior health promotion, Jaffa Puss had a full blood screen, full urinalysis plus blood pressure measurement. He had excellent results. His kidney function is very stable. There were no new problems such as thyroid or liver disease. There were also no signs of urinary tract infections or diabetes and his blood pressure was in the high normal range. 

This is a great result for Jaffa Puss. His owner can feel really confident about his health and the fact he is not hiding new problems or deteriorating.

Blood and urine tests are a very useful indicator of good health at any age. Our senior work ups have been a great help in diagnosing all sorts of minor health changes that can be monitored and assisted for the long term health and well being of your pets.

With just 6 weeks to go, do you have a pet that might be hiding a health problem? 

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