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Our New Senior Nurses 2019

Congratulations Genevieve and Ella on their promotions to senior nurses. Lisa, Gen and Ella are now our senior nursing team. They co-ordinate beautifully to keep our busy veterinary hospital running smoothly. 

Running the hospital is a huge job. The main job is caring for your pets, but along with that, the hospital must be prepared for all procedures and emergencies. Our huge pharmacy must be kept stocked and in-date, the medical supplies and surgical equipment organised and kept in stock. Our in-house laboratory, surgical, radiology, ultrasound and dental equipment have strict maintenance requirements and the team is always on top of it. Hospital, boarding and isolation cages need to be clean and bedding items such as towels and fluffies washed and organised. Volunteer students are instructed and supervised. Staff protocols and information handovers have to be clear and timely.

On top of all this they are answering phones and constantly asked to help clients and the vets.

The vets really love our nurses. The vets are never silly enough to ask the nurses “Are you busy?”…..of course they are. The vets ask “Can you help?” and the answer is always “YES!”

Congratulations Ella and Gen you are the best!

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