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Puppies break things

Often puppies will fall down and yelp, cry and limp around only to be perfectly fine in half an hour. This is what we were expecting when Mia came in after slipping down the stairs.

She was favouring her left hind leg but not really too worried about the world. As a precaution we xrayed Mia straight away and discovered she had broken 3 bones in her foot.

The foot is stabilised by 4 metatarsals and Mia had obvious fractures in three of them. Another fracture and there would be big trouble!

Mia had a strong supportive bandaged applied to her foot and was kept very quiet for 6 weeks. Repeat xrays were taken at 1 week (to check for any movement of the fractures) and 6 weeks to monitor healing.

Little Mia breezed through having a fractured foot and is now racing around like nothing ever happened.

Puppies do break things…..but they recover quickly.

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