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Ace’s Eye Injury

This is Ace. He lives nearby and loves to check out what’s happening at the vet.

Ace’s inquisitive streak and habit of poking his nose in places lead to a problem.

Ace arrived to see Dr Lisa with a very sore eye. It was hard to see anything because his eye was so sore, but Dr Lisa could detect a small object sticking out of the surface of his eye, (the cornea). To examine the eye more carefully, Ace was given an emergency anesthetic by Dr Lisa and nurse Abbi.

An object was sticking out of the surface of his cornea. It was carefully extracted, leaving a deep hole in the cornea. Ace’s eye was reacting to the trauma by contracting the pupil.

Ace was given atropine to open his pupil, pain relief and topical antibiotic cream for his eye. We are hoping he recovers rapidly so he can get back to keeping an eye on us over the fence.

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