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Charlie’s Hips

Charlie is a five year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He is very playful and loves to run around. After an energetic holiday away he started to to walk a little strangely. Charlie was bunny hopping which means he was stepping both back legs at the same time. Charlie also didn’t want to jump up on his terraced garden bed.

Charlie was booked in for a general anaesthetic with hind leg xray series. Both his lower back, hips and knees were assessed.

Under anaesthetic Charlie’s cruciate ligament were very stable in his knees. His patella’s luxated a little which is common in Cavaliers. Both of Charlie’s hips were very loose in their sockets.

Charlies knees looked very healthy and normal. Unfortunately his hips were not normal. The neck of the hip is thickened, the balls of the hip are squaring instead of round.

Charlie’s right hip is his worst problem. The hip sits right out of the socket and this is causing bony changes of the socket or acetabulum.

What should we do?

This is an old hip problem that Charlie has had for many years. There are surgical options to help him if the problem becomes too painful but for now Charlie is going to be treated conservatively.

Charlie will be given an extended course of anti-inflammatories and will try to avoid strenuous jumping. If his problems get worse surgical options can be discussed.

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