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Male Lizard Swellings

This is Alduin, Dr Lizzie‘s bearded dragon. He has a strange male lizard problem.

Male lizards have pores at the top of their thighs called femoral pores. They are a scent gland that accumulates a pheromonal secretion.

Lizzie noticed that Alduin has quite prominent swellings at the top of his thighs so came to see Dr Juliet.

Both glands were blocked. After some gentle manipulation Dr Juliet was able to open one pore and squeeze about 1 ml of secretion out. The other pore has been massaged and the thick cap removed but the secretions were too difficult to express. It is important to be gentle and not damage this area.

With times this pore may open up. In the mean time treatment includes

  • Providing a diet with a wide range of of known safe foods.
  • Keeping the humidity at the correct range – 30-40%.
  • Provide regular opportunities to bath or soak in shallow water
  • Provide a large enclosure with plenty of rough surfaces such as rocks and branches so the bearded dragons can rub and open his pores naturally.

Alduin is back at home giving himself a good rub to try to open his pores.

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