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Millie’s sore foot

Millie is an 8 year old, female border collie. She has had a sad weekend where she tore her toe nail on her right front leg. It had been bleeding and sore. When Millie came to see Dr Jill she was also quite lame in her left back leg. Poor Millie had been holding this leg up over the weekend but she really did not like having her feet examined.

To have a good look at Millie’s feet, one of our very capable veterinary nurses Abbi held Millie gently but firmly on her side.

Millie’s toe nail was broken and bleeding but would heal in time.

She was quite wriggly when her back foot was examined. It revealed quite a surprising thing.

Poor Millie had a casuarina nut jammed between the pads of her left back foot. It had been there for days causing a nasty infection.

The area was clipped and cleaned and Millie went home with medication hopefully feeling much, much more comfortable. It is nice to have a problem that can be so quickly solved.

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