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Puppy Training After Lockdown

Pittwater Animal Hospital has options for you if you missed Puppy School or Individual Puppy Training over lockdown. Thanks to our fully enclosed puppy training yard we can run outside sessions for fully vaccinated people and their puppies.

Puppy School

If you have a puppy under 14 weeks we strongly recommend joining our in person  Puppy School.

  • 4 weekly sessions to teach training to the class and trouble shoot problems
  • Email support through the whole 4 weeks so you can ask Louise help with your specific issues
  • All puppies receive an Adaptil® pheromone collar to encourage calm settled behaviour
  • All owners receive a treat pouch to aid with hands-free training.
  • Total cost of the 4 week course is $230

  Puppy School Timetable and Booking

Individual Puppy Training

Individual Puppy Training has just restarted after COVID lockdown. Fully vaccinated owners can attend a one hour session with up to 4 people plus the trainer.

The advantages of individual training include:

  • Multiple family members can attend so you all learn together
  • Puppies are often more focused as there are no other dogs
  • Individual issues can be problem solved over the hour

Learning aims include:

  • Toilet training
  • How to settle on a mat
  • Basic training – come, sit, lie down, roll over, separation training, body handling
  • Mental Exercise and Enrichment Ideas
  • Crate training
  • Strategies for biting and jumping up
  • Trick training and games to play
  • More advanced training – come, sit, lie down, wait, leave it
  • Loose lead walking
  • How to calm down
  • Consistent recall

Individual Puppy Training sessions can be booked directly at

  Book directly for Individual Puppy Training

Or if these times do not suit please email

One hour Individual Puppy Training in the puppy yard $95

Puppy Play Sessions

FULLY VACCINATED owners are invited to come for a play session with their puppies in our safe, enclosed puppy yard. Please wear masks at all times, keep socially distanced and be dressed for the outdoors. Play sessions are 30 minutes in length.


Sessions will be conducted outside and our trainer Louise will have toys and puppy play equipment set up for the session.

This is not a teaching session, but Louise will supervise the play and discuss how to help puppies have positive interactions. This will include when to intervene and distract puppies to do other activities. There will be a maximum of four puppies. It is important that puppies do not become overwhelmed.

Thirty minute Puppy Play Session in the puppy yard $30. 

  Puppy Play Session Booking

Teenage Dog Classes

Pittwater Animal Hospital has commenced our much anticipated Teenage Dog Classes. These cater for dogs from 4 months to 2 years old, so will be ideal for anyone who missed out on training over lockdown.

The first week is a seminar without your dog where learning concepts are discussed to help understand how to communicate with your dog. 

The following 4 weeks will be held consecutively for an hour at the same time each week.

Class size is kept very small with only 4 dogs.

  Teenage Dog Classes Timetable and Booking

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