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Pudding Gets Desexed

Pudding has reached 6 months old. He has been rehomed from the pound and needs to be desexed by 6 months to comply with regulations. Desexing by 6 months will also mean a significant discount on lifetime registration.

He has been booked in for a week, but the night before our receptionist calls to go through all the details of surgery day. Pudding will have our standard desexing package which will set him up for all his health needs for the next year.

The full costs are explained. Some dogs may have added extras such as baby teeth removal, hernia repair or dew claw removal.

Pudding is given dinner the night before, has water over night but is not given any food in the morning.

At 8am he arrives at the vet and is given a sedative injection. This will stop him from worrying and make him lovely and calm for the procedure. He is very settled for the whole day.

When Pudding is a bit sleepy, he is taken out for his catheter placement and blood tests.

His physical examination and blood test is all normal so surgery can proceed. Pudding is given an injectable anaesthetic to fall completely asleep then a tube is placed down his airway. The inhalation anaesthetic, intravenous fluids and constant monitoring make for a very safe anaesthetic.

Pudding’s nails and clipped and the surgery site clipped and cleaned. Minimal clipping avoids any skin rash.

Pudding is taken to the surgery for his operation. Heartworm and pain relief injections are given.

The procedure is soon finished with no external sutures. Within an hour Pudding is fully awake and can go for a walk in the garden.

Pudding is ready to go home in the early afternoon. One of our experienced nurses goes through the discharge instructions over the phone. He needs to have a quiet week and only gentle lead walks – no vigorous play. He has pain relief to go home with as well as his planned tick and flea control.

For Pudding it is almost as if nothing has happened – he is just a little more smoochy. Some dogs will get a rash or need a cone but this is less common as all of our patients are supplied with complimentary pain relief on the day of surgery and more pain relief to take home.

His wound will be checked in one week. Often it looks so good that owners just send a photograph to have it checked. The operation has been completed as calmly and gently as possible.

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