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Harry’s multiple lumps

Harry is a 15 year old poodle-cross who over many years had developed multiple warty growths. They were mostly what we call squamous cell adenomas. Here is one on a different dog.

They are usually benign but will often bleed, especially when the dog is clipped. Several of Harry’s were bleeding. Despite Harry’s age, he was going to be much happier if we could removed them.

Harry arrived on Dr Jill’s surgery morning with a list of 20 lumps to take off. He had a very normal blood test and then a very stable anaesthetic. We started to clip Harry to reveal the 20 lumps and realized he needed a full body clip and there were more that 80 lumps on him. It was difficult to decide which lumps to take and which lumps to leave.

Harry’s owners had written a list – we love a list.

By the time we were finished more than 80 lumps had been removed using 8 packets of suture material. All of a sudden he was a spotty dog.

This is Harry coming back 10 days later for his suture removal. He recovered really well and we think we removed most of the sutures.

6 weeks later Harry’s hair has grown back and he looks 5 years younger. It is great not having so many itchy and uncomfortable lumps and his owners are very pleased. What a great result!

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