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Rabbit Warning – we have had recent cases of Myxomatosis 2022

The deadly disease for rabbits – Myxomatosis – has been a recent problem on the Northern Beaches of Sydney at Narrabeen. Pittwater Vet has needed to give urgent pet care to these rabbits. Unfortunately there is no treatment for Myxomatosis. 

Signs of myxomatosis

  • Depression
  • Not eating
  • Swelling around the head and genitalia
  • milky discharge from eyes
  • fluid coming from nose and lips

How do I protect my rabbit from myxomatosis?

  • This is a viral disease that is highly contagious.
  • It is spread by biting insects such a fleas and mosquitoes. 
  • Make sure you control any fleas on your rabbits and in contact animals. (Pittwater Anmal Hospital can advise you about the most effective flea control in rabbits.)
  • Place insect screens around all rabbit enclosures and areas.
  • Avoid your rabbit contacting wild rabbits. 
  • There is no vaccination available to protect rabbits in Australia. 

What if my rabbit contracts myxomatosis?

Unfortunately there is no cure for this terrible infection. There are reports of some animals surviving with supportive care but our experience is that most infected rabbits will stop eating, become depressed and need to be put-to-sleep.

Try to avoid your rabbit getting this dangerous disease! 

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