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Why is my dog looking so old?

Neville is a 10 year old fox terrier, but he was getting old, fat and sluggish. He had stopped jumping on the bed 6 months ago but recently couldn’t jump on the lounge. Fox Terriers are the Toyotas of the dog world – they just go and go. We see healthy 15 year old foxies and some live to 18 years and over. So why was Neville getting so old?

Once again Neville came into PAH for some tests. Dr Heidi walked by and said “Look at his dull coat, look at his shape  – you should test him for thyroid disease!”

Well, Neville had a comprehensive blood test. (These are larger than our routine in-house bloods and include T4 and thyroid markers). Twenty-four hours later the verdict was in, Dr Heidi picked it again. Neville had very low thyroid levels. He also had raised cholesterol and triglycerides which are markers for hypothyroidism.

Two weeks after starting a thyroid supplement Neville is becoming a feisty foxy again. He is leaping on the lounge, playing tug of war and running around with his tail up just like his old self. It’s like he’s had a reboot.

What a fabulous result. You picked it again Heidi

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