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At Pittwater Animal Hospital our core purpose is to be advocates for the care and well-being of the pets entrusted to us.

We have a strong professional work ethic and take pride in our hospital and its reputation.

We endeavour to KNOW our clients and their pets.

As a team we trust, rely on and support each other.

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Why is Pittwater Unique?

We are unique in the longevity of our quality service in our community.

Our team has experience, skill and compassion and has matured as a group over decades to provide a wide range of services.

The Pittwater Team

Team Photo. Pittwater Animal Hospital

Team Photo. Pittwater Animal Hospital

Team Photo. Pittwater Animal Hospital

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have a great group of people at Pittwater Animal Hospital, who not only enjoy their work, but also get on with each other wonderfully well. We want you and your pet to sense the positive vibes as soon as you walk through the door.

The partners of Pittwater Animal Hospital are Dr Eamon Grattan-Smith, Dr Jill King and Dr Heidi Furber.  Bryn Lynar partially retired in 2017 with Heidi and Jill stepping in to share the management with Eamon. It has been an exciting journey since 2018 with Heidi, Eamon and Jill aiming to continue improving this fabulous family practice.

Management Team. Pittwater Animal HospitalSome veterinary clinics are moving down the corporate route, where a big company runs a pet-shop type practice. At Pittwater we feel we have been a trusted place for your family, in some cases for over 60 years, where your pets receive superior care with really honest, helpful advice. As partners we want to build on this great relationship we have with the community, but then strive to make our hospital even more customer and patient friendly.

The practice employs seven veterinary surgeons. Dr Eamon Grattan-Smith, Dr Jill King and Dr Heidi Furber are the principal partners and have all been at Pittwater for over 15 years. They are all excellent practitioners but also have varied special interests. This means more complex cases can be referred in-house to give your pet the best care.

Dr Eamon has a keen interest in internal medicine and oncology. He utilizes careful analysis of pathology results with varied investigations including ultrasonic scanning to prescribe the most up-to-date medications to help your unwell pets. He also has the best bedside manner….all the pet’s love Eamon.

Dr Jill is a very experienced soft tissue surgeon and with years of experience in general practice and emergency medicine. She manages our acute care protocols. Jill also has a particular interest in dentistry and behaviour. After 30 years as your local vet, Jill really understands the needs of the local pet-loving community. 

Dr Heidi has a special interest in dermatology and loves the challenge that difficult skin and ear cases provide. A very capable and careful surgeon, Heidi combines her interest in rabbits and cats, with excellent surgical skills in these and other animals. Heidi’s aim is for all our clients to have the best possible level of care.

Dr Juliet Smithyman is our most senior associate starting in 2016. Juliet is a very thorough diagnostician. Her zoo work in the UK has meant we can follow on the tradition of Pittwater Animal Hospital being the place to bring exotics, reptiles, rabbits and birds.

Dr Alana O’Connor joined PAH straight from university in 2023. Alana is the first new graduate we have had in 25 years. Our experienced team is very happy to help guide her to become an excellent veterinarian.

Dr Lizzie Allen joined the PAH team in 2020. Lizzie is a regular consulting vet who can make you feel at ease and help solve any veterinary problems.

Dr Natalia Gomez was new to Pittwater in 2023 and is very capable in both medicine and surgery. Natalia has a special interest in geriatric and palliative care as well as alternative medicine.

Dr Bryn Lynar has recently retired, but promises to be the life of the party at all our celebrations. We look forward to it.

As a team we meet regularly to discuss advances in techniques and medications and to decide on protocols for treatment. When you bring your pet to Pittwater Animal Hospital, they will be in the care of a great team of Veterinarians and Nurses.Sarah Yelavic

Sarah Yelavic is Pittwater Animal Hospital’s Practice Manager and Pound Officer. Our clients have been rewarded by Sarah’s good work with efficient reminder systems, better communication and through liaising with various suppliers to offer discounted medical and surgical programs throughout the year. These discount schemes have been extremely well received and have meant pets can receive really top class treatments at a more affordable price.

The reception team is now well established with Kelly, Ellie, Janette and Olivia helping you with all your needs. This experienced team aim to give you the very best possible service while still maintaining the friendly Northern Beaches atmosphere you have learnt to expect.

Our full-time nurses are all qualified veterinary nurses. Lisa is our Head Nurse and has had excellent experience both at Pittwater Animal Hospital and at Northside Emergency Veterinary Service (NEVS). Her NEVS work has given her particular skills in acute care plus the management and nursing of very sick animals. Lisa organizes our hospital protocols for patients and trains the nursing staff to give the best level of care.

Lisa heads a great team of veterinary nurses.  Genevieve, Giany, Cara and Jess. Their dedication to your animals means you always know your pet will be well cared for. The nurses pride themselves on their skills and carry out in-house training to perfect their practical skills.

Pittwater Animal Hospital also has some wonderful trainee and part-time staff. MacKenzie, and Holly are veterinarians in training who work on weekends in nursing and reception roles. Taylah and Michelle are in training at Pittwater Animal Hospital and we hope will become valuable members of the team. Pittwater Animal Hospital has had many veterinary students over the years and have been proud to see what wonderful veterinarians they become.




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