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If your pet has come into Pittwater Animal Hospital for a procedure and has gone home, please watch them carefully and contact us if you are at all concerned.  9913 7979

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Things to think about

  • If your pet has had an anaesthetic they may be a little queasy, so offer half the normal meal. If your pet is hungry later, the rest of the meal could be fed.
  • Often animals will be very tired, so set them up in a warm, comfortable spot and don’t disturb them too much. Take your pet to the toilet so they don’t have an accident.
  • If surgery has been performed, try to discourage excessive movement. A quiet walk on the lead or a potter around the house is enough exercise. Vigorous movement may promote bleeding and swelling. Swelling is not often serious, but can take 4-6 weeks to settle and require numerous rechecks. 
  • Examine any wounds and check for redness, swelling and pain. The wounds should look a little better every day.
  • If your pet is licking at the wound, contact us straight away and bring your pet in to have an e-collar fitted. If we are closed, our emergency service NEVS can fit an e-collar up at Terrey Hills.
  • If your pet has had any procedure that might be painful, we may have supplied you with pain relief to be given at home. Please give the pain relief with food and do not exceed the dose prescribed. 
  • If you are concerned about your pet, ring us straight away on 9913 7979. If PAH is not open and you are concerned please contact NEVS on 9452 2933. If your pet is seen at NEVS within 24 hours of seeing us, a much reduced consultation is charged. Sometimes the NEVS nurse may triage your pet and explain the wound is normal, then apply an e-collar for the cost of the collar alone. 
  • Most surgical wounds will need to be examined 10 days after the operation. To book an appointment you can do this on discharge with our receptionist or Book Online.
  • After a dental procedure there may be some blood around the mouth. It may be better to feed softer food for a few days while any mouth lesions heal.
  • If a skin lump or other tumour has been removed, it may have been sent away to a pathologist for analysis. (This is an extra charge.) Tissue analysis is called Histopathology. The tissue sample is frozen, stained, sliced microscopically, then examined by a pathologist. It will take 5-10 days for the results to be sent to us. We will contact you when the results arrive or discuss them at the wound check. 
  • Most routine after-care consultations following surgery will be done at no charge. Any follow up dressings or medication such as antibiotics or creams will be an additional charge.
  • Remember to supply our receptionist with your insurance policy number and ask us to submit a claim if your animal is insured. Most claims can now be done online.
  • We recommend that all animals have a pre-anaesthetic blood test prior to surgery. If there were any abnormalities in the blood test, follow up tests may be planned. A reminder will be sent to your phone when the follow up blood test is due.

If in doubt – call us 9913 7979

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