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Anal gland problems can be a real drag

If you have ever had a dog with anal gland problems you will know what a drag they can be. They can be painful or irritated or blocked but occasionally they are just smelly.

This is Pippi. She is the brightest, happiest Red Setter. An absolute joy to see. But at home she can be very unpopular. She tends to leak tiny drops of anal gland liquid which makes her absolutely reek. It is a skunky smell and just a tiny drop can make the whole room smell. It is hard to stay popular when you smell like anal glands.

We tried and tried to solve this problem. Fibre was added to her diet. Her glands were expressed very regularly but within a small time she would smell again.

So Pippi’s owners elected to have specialist Dr Eugene come and remove her anal sacs. It is a tricky surgery. If the nerves to the anus are damaged it could make her faecally incontinent. It can also be very uncomfortable for weeks after the surgery.

Pippi’s anal sacs were removed and then a complete pain control regime was enacted. This is Pippi back for her post op check. Warning for the bottom shot but she has a fabulous looking bottom with no anal gland smell.

A wonderful success. We can all love her just that little but more now that she doesn’t smell of anal glands.

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