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AQIS – Pet Export

Pittwater Animal Hospital is a preferred AQIS pet export vet.

After a decade of AQIS work in Northern Sydney we know how to get you prepared to export an animal overseas. Timing and preparation is everything!

If you are considering exporting your pet, please fill out this contact form as early as possible. You will need a pet transport company.

Our preferred pet export company is Jetpets. Ph: 1300 668309

Person organising travel*

Full name on passport*

Email Address*

Full Australian Address*

Phone Number*

Destination Country*

Planned departure date*

Pet Transport company*

Animal name *

Animal age*

Can you bring a copy of up to date vaccination certificate?*

Animal breed

Animal colour

Message to reception


Please contact us very early in the planning stage. Vaccinations and follow up blood tests can take many weeks or months to get prepared.

We will want to know

  • Which pet export company are you using? Essential!
  • What type of animal.
  • What country the animal is going to be sent to.
  • What is your expected departure date and method of travel
  • What vaccinations has your pet had and whether you have a record book.
  • Are you planning to bring your pet back to Australia? If so when?

The requirements are different for every  country and also change from time to time.  If paperwork is not complete and accurate, then your pet may not be able to leave on it’s scheduled journey.

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