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Baby Teeth Check at Desexing

Remember when you were a child and your baby teeth fell out as the adult teeth came through? Yes… the whole tooth fairy thing. The same thing happens with our puppies and kittens… though sometimes the baby teeth don’t fall out.

Each dog or cat desexed at Pittwater Animal Hospital has their mouth examined while they are asleep to check for any baby teeth. By six months, most baby or deciduous teeth should have fallen out. If they are retained, they are likely to stay through adulthood and will often cause dental disease as debris gets caught in the crowded mouth.

Little Bjorn came in for desexing and had two retained upper canine teeth.

It is an extra cost to remove the baby teeth, but as he is already anaesthetized it is probably one-fifth of the cost of extracting as a separate procedure. These pointy little teeth can be quite tricky to remove as they can have very long roots and it is important not to damage the adult tooth. Bjorn is such a smooch waking up. Having the teeth extracted will give much more room for his adult teeth to move to the correct place and will decrease his chances of dental disease as an adult. All our patients go home with pain relief at no extra charge after any desexing or tooth removal, Bjorn he should recover very quickly.

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