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Big Ball Troubles for Mia

This is Mia. She is a 3 year old kelpie and she has a story to tell.

Mia has this cute habit of getting excited when her owners come home and grabbing a ball. This time she had a little ball in her mouth but something was obviously wrong. Luckily her owners raced her straight to Pittwater Animal Hospital as they realised the ball was somehow stuck on her tongue. To be more accurate her tongue was stuck in the ball!

When these situations happen the dogs are often frightened and stressed. They can be a little tricky to treat. Dr Heidi was able to get an IV in to quicky anaesthetise Mia.When Mia was asleep it was obvious the tip of her tongue was jammed inside the ball and had swollen right up. There was no pulling it out, so Dr Tanian managed to cut the ball in half and release her poor swollen tongue.

The tongue was swollen and sore but would recover. It was iced on recovery and Mia was given pain relief.

A few hours later Mia was off home. She still looked a little shocked. Mia really had a story to tell.

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