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Bird Intensive Care

Pittwater Animal Hospital is one of the few vets that offers intensive care for birds. We have a dedicated bird hospital where sick birds can be kept for extended periods of time.

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When your bird comes in for intensive care they are likely to have the following treatment plan.

  • Daily assessment
    • Breathing assessment – is there a tail bob or respiratory noise or discharge.
    • Mentation – are they bright, alert and responsive.
    • Evidence of eating.
    • Examination of droppings
    • Weight
  • Intensive feeding.
    • Sick birds are supplemented with crop feeding 2-3 times daily. This is a skilled procedure performed by a veterinarian or highly skilled vet nurse. A rigid tube is placed in the mouth down the oesophagus and into the crop. Emergency Formula as well as medication can be delivered in this manner.
  • Medication administering – this can take various forms depending on the condition. Medication may include
    • Twice daily antibiotics via crop tube or by mouth.
    • Water based medications refreshed regularly.
    • Medications by injection.
    • Pain relief by mouth.

Most birds hide their illnesses until they are life threateningly sick. Their rapid metabolism means that 24 hours without eating is severely debilitating.

At Pittwater Animal Hospital we have had some excellent success with treating sick birds but any unwell bird has a higher incidence of a poor outcome and death than our usual mammalian patients.

Early recognition of a problem is the key to treating unwell birds. At home you can monitor your birds more closely to pick up early health problems. At home monitoring should include

  • Regular weighing
  • Monitoring eating and drinking
  • Watching for respiratory changes – exaggerated breathing or new respiratory noises
  • Observe for any dullness or changes in character

If in doubt you can book an appointment with one of our veterinarians to have your bird examined. Dr Bryn Lynar and Dr Juliet Smithyman both have special interests in birds however all our vets are very comfortable treating a sick bird. 

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