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Dr Bryn Lynar


Bryn holds degrees in both Agricultural and Veterinary Science. After graduating in 1979, he worked in Double Bay, Canberra, Young, Bathurst (10 years) and now Warriewood. His 12 years in rural practive gave Bryn experience in diverse orthopaedic, surgical and medical problems involving a wide range of pet and farm animals. His work with WIRES (he was president of the Central West Branch 1990-92) also helped develop his interest in wildlife, reptiles and birds. Since becoming the principal veterinarian at PAH, Bryn has continued to improve treatments for tick paralysis, refined his techniques in orthopaedic surgery and studied bird medicine. Naturally enough, these have become important aspects of his current practice. The sustained growth of Pittwater Animal Hospital is a reflection of his commitment to providing the highest quality care to pets of the Northern Beaches. Bryn is married with three grown-up sons. He and his wife Kathy enjoy trekking, not just in remote areas of Australia but in the rest of the world as well. Bryn also likes canyoning, mountain bike riding, sailing, golfing and the company of his Norfolk terrier, Jindi, often seen with him at work and making house calls. Away from these duties, Jindi loves swimming, ball playing and chasing ducks.

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