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Our family pets have much shorter lifespans than humans. In the space of 15 years you will have a baby animal, a teenager, a pet in the prime of its life then an elderly pet.

Good veterinary care has lengthened the time we can enjoy having a pet in the prime of its life. 

Caring for your older pets begins well before you notice them getting older.

At Pittwater Animal Hospital we can help you optimize your pet’s healthy life by

  • Recommending a healthy weight and suitable exercise for your individual pet
  • Helping you decide on an appropriate diet
  • Recommending the optimal parasite control
  • Helping you maintain a healthy mouth, through good dental care
  • Regular physical examinations and reviews as part of our vaccination program
  • Monitoring for hidden problems through regular screening of blood and urine

Pittwater Animal Hospital recommends regular blood and urine screening. This is usually done through

To encourage this higher level of veterinary care Pittwater Animal Hospital runs various discounted programs at various times through the year.

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