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Cartrophen is an interesting medication which is mainly prescribed to improve joint function. It is a compound called pentosan polysulfate sodium which is made from plants. The medication improves joint health,  decreases joint inflammation, is extremely safe and cost effective. 

Cartrophen is injected under the skin. It is usually administered once a week for four weeks. 

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Any dog or cat that has had joint surgery or joint damage some time in their life could benefit from a cartrophen injection course. Dogs with more severe problems will often have 2 cartrophen courses a year or an injection every month throughout the year. 

Follow the link for more information about Cartrophen.

If your pet has not been seen recently you should book an appointment to have your dog or cat assessed by one of our very experienced veterinarians. The first cartrophen injection will be given by the veterinarian. Follow up injections are given by one of our veterinary nurses.

If your dog or cat has regular cartrophen courses we can organise the timing of these at your pet’s yearly vaccination and health check. The course can then be arranged as nurse only injections, at a decreased cost. 

We have seen some fabulous results with cartrophen injection courses over the years, and the majority of owners are very pleased with the results.  Sometimes results however, are not obvious for some weeks after starting the course.

Cartrophen is a very safe medication that may give some relief to your pet.

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