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Cat Boarding

  Protect Your Cat This Tick Season

At Pittwater Animal Hospital we have a large cat boarding facility.  Cats are housed individually or together with cats from the same household. Many owners take advantage of being able to drop off their cat locally and pick up Sundays (before 1pm). 

All the cats are fed and have their litter trays emptied twice daily.  Cats are weighed on admission and are monitored for eating, drinking, urination and feeding.

If you bring your cat in for boarding and want a consultation with the vet this can be arranged. Often routine procedures are scheduled while your pet is boarding. Cats can be given any medication needed while in boarding. (Daily medication is an extra charge.)

All cats that board with us must have a yearly health check and vaccination. The vaccination must be up to date before they arrive. Cats should be on flea control and if we see any evidence of fleas we will treat your pet.

Boarding charges

  • Single cat $29.80 per day
  • Two cats sharing cage $44.50 per day
  • Single cat on medication $34.80 per day.

*Approximate surcharge for public holiday boarding is $5 per cat.

If you want a consultation or vaccination while in boarding it would be helpful to fill out the boarding consultation and vaccination form before you arrive.

Boarding cat vaccination and consultation form

Call us on 9913 7979 to book your cat in for your next holiday or send us a message. 

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