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Cats make wonderful pets. They can be very easy companions who don’t demand as much interaction or exercise as dogs. (Though every cat is different.) If you spend a lot of time away from home, have a small house or don’t have time to walk a dog, a cat can be an excellent choice of pet.

We love cats for many other reasons which only a cat owner can appreciate. If you have never had a pet cat you are missing out.

Choosing a cat.

Many times a cat chooses you. Every year at Pittwater Animal Hospital stray cats and kittens come through our hospital looking for a home. Mostly the cats we rehome are domestic short haired cats. They come in lots of different colours and a range of personalities.

We also see a number of pedigree cats that people have purchased from breeders around Australia.

What to do with a new kitten?

Free Kitten Health Check

Pet Insurance

Cat boarding

At Pittwater Animal Hospital we can claim most insurance claims on-line so it is a very easy process for you.

Preventative Health Review

Adult cats can also have a free new pet check. We use these consultations to examine for any abnormalities and review any vaccinations and medications. You will get a reminder for a yearly health check and vaccination on your mobile phone.

As your cat ages we run various health programs.

Pittwater Surgical Mornings

Pittwater Dental Program

Pittwater Dermatology and Ear Assessment

Pittwater Medication Review

Pittwater Senior Program


Pittwater Mobility Programs

Pittwater Behavior Program

Pittwater Ophthalmology

Pittwater Diabetes Program

Pittwater Imaging

Euthanasia Services

Fact Sheet: Euthanasia

How to cope in an emergency