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Cats make wonderful pets. They can be very easy companions who don’t demand as much interaction or exercise as dogs (Although, every cat is different). If you spend a lot of time away from home, have a small house or don’t have time to walk a dog, a cat is an excellent choice of pet.

We love cats for many other reasons which only a cat owner can appreciate. If you have never had a pet cat, you are missing out.

We strongly recommend all cats have yearly Feline 3 vaccination and health check. 

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Pittwater Animal Hospital has a dedicated cat consult room where you and your cat can relax and wait for the vet to see you. Your pet can wander freely and explore the room and will be more relaxed for examination. There is a climbing frame and a special cat calming pheromone diffuser.


Desexing at Pittwater Animal Hospital. Follow the link to see how your pet will be specially cared for having this important procedure at PAH.

Choosing a cat. In depth advice.

Many times a cat chooses you. Every year at Pittwater Animal Hospital stray cats and kittens come through our hospital looking for a home. Mostly the cats we rehome are domestic short haired cats. They come in lots of different colours and a range of personalities.

We also see a number of pedigree cats that people have purchased from breeders around Australia.


What to do with a New Kitten?

When you have chosen a kitten who is hopefully healthy and has a beautiful temperament, it is important to set your new kitten up for success.

What to do with a new kitten? Advice from the people who have had hundreds of kittens.

At PAH we offer a Free Kitten or New Cat Health Check with one of our experienced vets. This is to look at general health issues. If you cat is unwell please book a full consultation. 

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or call us on 9913 7979

Pet Insurance: At Pittwater Animal Hospital we can claim most insurance claims on-line so it is a very easy process for you.

For advice on insurance click. Pet Insurance


Pittwater Vets Cat Hotel

PAH has a large cat boarding facility where vaccinated cats are very well looked after for anything from one night to several months. They are fed and cleaned twice daily and monitored for any health problems. Medication can be given and procedures scheduled for when you are away.

Feeding your Cat

At Pittwater Animal Hospital we recommend most cats to be fed high quality dry foods. Many of our adult cats are on the Royal Canin Dental Diet. This is a complete food that cleans your cat’s teeth as they eat. Other cats do better on diets which make them feel fuller such as Royal Canin Satiety Diet.  

Some cats with particular medical issues are better on wet food. PAH supplies Royal Canin Kidney Diets as well as wet food for cats they have troubles urinating RC Urinary S/O. There are even diets recommended for gastrointestinal problems or allergic skin disease – RC Hypoallergenic.

To transition to a more appropriate diet for your cat there is lots of information to help you. Ask your veterinarian what they recommend is best for your cat.

How do Cats Choose Their Food?

Five Tips for Feeding Fussy Cats.

Adult cats can also have a free new pet check. If your cat has an existing health issue you should be instead booking a consultation. We use these free new pet checks to examine for any abnormalities and review any vaccinations and medications. You will get a reminder for a yearly health check and vaccination on your mobile phone. As stated if your pet is unhealthy or injured a full consultation should be booked.

  Make an Appointment with the Vet

or call us on 9913 7979

Every cat visiting Pittwater Animal Hospital is strongly recommended to have a yearly health check and Feline 3 Vaccination. Unvaccinated cats are a big problem on the Northern Beaches. This area commonly has outbreaks of cat flu which even vaccinated cats can get a milder form of the disease. There is excellent value in having your cat examined, vaccinated and discussed with one of our very experienced veterinarians every year.

As your cat ages we run various health programs.

Surgical Procedures. This page shows how we run our hospital procedures for the morning. Our facilities allow us to do all sorts of complex operations that may be needed to keep your cat healthy and mobile.

Dental Procedures. At Pittwater we have an emphasis on maintaining healthy mouths in your pets. Click to see how we are improving dental health.

Medication Review. At Pittwater we try not to prescribe medications on a set and forget basis. Medications need to be reviewed regularly and your pet examined and tested. To encourage this more careful monitoring we have introduced discounted review consultations.

Pittwater Senior Program Every year in Senior Month we offer fantastic programs to give your pet a really thorough and very affordable health check and pathology service. Seniors month in 2023 is during August. 

End of Life Services. When the time has come to say good-bye, you want to have someone you trust to make this transition as peaceful as possible.

How to cope in an emergency. Emergencies are stressful at any time. Here are some tips on how to cope.


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