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When can I come and look at the kittens and cats up for adoption?

Kittens and cats will be posted on our Facebook page when they are available for adoption. To book a viewing time you will need to make an appointment using the link below:

If you are interested in viewing one of our pets for adoption, you need to make an appointment. We do not adopt kittens to multi-cat households.

Adoption and viewing times are shown on our booking link. Please select 1 cat or rabbit and under clinician select Adoption/Training room and yard.

  Make an Appointment To View an Adoption Pet. Please put which pet you would like to see in the pet's name section and write adopt for any question .

Cats and kittens currently available for adoption are on our Facebook page.

What do I need to bring on the day I adopt?

Adopting a kitten in NSW is a legal process. All cats are microchipped and you will need to bring identification to fill out the state government forms.  

What does the adoption fee cover?

Kitten adoption is $290. All kittens will have been wormed and had flea treatment in hospital. The adoption fee covers 1-2 vaccinations as needed before 16 weeks as well as microchipping and council registration. All kittens are then desexed at 16 weeks – this is covered by the adoption fee.

Adult cat adoption is $150. This covers both vaccinations, one given before adoption and one after, flea and worm treatment in hospital, desexing in hospital (done before they go home) plus microchipping and council registration.

All our adopted cats will receive a 10% discount off their yearly vaccinations for the rest of their lives.

My kitten or cat is sneezing or has runny eyes. What should I do?

Sometimes we rehome kittens and cats that have had cat flu. The signs of cat flu can persist for weeks. Sometimes mild signs stay with the pet forever. This is always explained before you rehome the cat.

Please contact Pittwater Animal Hospital if any cat flu signs become dramatically worse, otherwise it is simply a case of time and patience. 

What if my new pet has a health problem?

If your new pet has a health problem within the first 2 weeks please call reception on 9913 7979 and we will arrange for you to drop off your pet to be assessed by one of our veterinarians. There will be no charge for this assessment or any medication supplied. Hopefully your cat will only need to stay for a few hours then it can be picked up.


If you would like to book a face to face consultation with one of our veterinarians to discuss any health issues or concerns please

  Make an Appointment with the Vet

or call us on 9913 7979

A consultation fee will be charged. 


When are vaccinations due?

Kittens are vaccinated at 6, 12 and 16 weeks. Adult cats have two vaccinations 4 weeks apart. Some cats need to return for vaccinations after they have been adopted. These beginning vaccinations are all covered under the adoption fee. 

All our adopted cats will receive a 10% discount off their yearly vaccinations for the rest of their lives.

When will my kitten be desexed?

Kittens need to be booked in for desexing at the age of 16 weeks. Desexing surgery is performed Monday to Friday and is all covered by the adoption fee. Kittens will have their final vaccination at this time.

Desexing at Pittwater Animal Hospital.  

Could my female cat have a litter?

All adult cats are desexed prior to adoption. Female kittens must return to Pittwater Animal Hospital before 4 months to be desexed as part of the adoption agreement. The Northern Beaches has many unwanted kittens, a problems we are trying to address through our adoption program. Our adoption kittens are not allowed to have kittens.  

When can my kitten or cat go outside?

It is best to keep your new cat inside for atleast 4 weeks. It is better for our local environment if cats are kept inside at all times.

If you wish to let your cat outside, try letting them out for a short time before dinner so that they return for food then can be inside at night. We recommend that all cats be kept inside overnight to protect our local wildlife and avoid cat fights and other misadventure.

What other medication will my cat or kitten need?

The adoption cats have not been treated with tick prevention medication. If there is any chance that they will go outside or be exposed to paralysis ticks they should be medicated.

When will my cat or kitten need another vaccination?

To be protected from the highly contageous cat flu viruses, CATS NEED TO BE VACCINATED EVERY YEAR. Cats also need to be vaccinated to be boarded or come in to hospital for care. When cats come to Pittwater Animal Hospital for vaccination each year THEY RECEIVE A FULL PHYSICAL EXAMINATION and any other health concerns can be discussed.

All our adoption cats receive a 10% discount on vaccinations for the rest of their lives.

What extra things do people buy when they adopt a cat or kitten?

When you pick up your new pet it is a good opportunity to pick up some supplies to care for them. You will often go home with

  • Flea, tick and worming medication. This will be calculated to be appropriate for your pet’s weight and life stage.
  • A cat carrier. Pittwater has some very economical carriers available in different colours so that you can safely transport your pet.
  • Food for the first few weeks. Keeping your new pet on the same food will help them with the transition to their new home.

Settling your new adoption kitten/cat.

How to introduce cats to each other.

Latest cats and kittens for adoption.

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