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Pittwater Cat Hospital is located in the main wing of Pittwater Animal hospital. It was beautifully rebuilt in early 2021.

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The Cat Hospital is a fabulous quiet space to care for our feline patients. Hospital enclosures are very spacious. The Perspex doors allow excellent observation for cats at the same time as minimizing exposure to any other cats.

Patient files are attached to each door to organize individual treatment plans and monitor patient observations. Fluid pumps, patient heating and medication can all be attached to the cage.

As part of our fear free program a feliway diffuser is plugged in permanently to treat with calming hormones.

Cats can now be examined and treated all within the cat hospital with the quiet treatment area at the end of the room. It is such an advantage to keep cats calm and comfortable by avoiding the busy treatment area.

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Rooms in the Cat Hospital are also available for boarding through the

Pittwater Vets Cat Hotel.

Room Types


    • Cost: Single cat $27.50 per night.
    • Single level but very spacious.
    • Ample space for a single cat including raised platform and hiding nook.
    • Perpex doors for good visualization, ventilation and infection control.


    • Cost: One cat $38.50 per night. Two cats sharing $48.95 per night.
    • Large spacious areas with room for 2 cats including raised platform and hiding nook.
    • Excellent for single cat longer stays, especially if not easily handled.
    • Perpex doors for good visualization, ventilation and infection control.
    • Double doors give hiding area for shy cats.

Book and pay online – Full refund will be given if you cancel 72 hours before booking.


If you have any difficulty with our online Cat Hotel Portal please call reception on

9913 7979 and they can talk you through the process.

What else do you need to know?

    • If your cat has not stayed with us before we request a quick temperament at least a few days before the stay. Very unhappy cats are impossible for our staff to deal with and upset the other cats staying in the hotel.
    • Sundays and Public Holidays – extra $5 per pet per night
    • Medication Administered while staying: $5 per-cat-per-day ONCE DAILY medication / $10 per-cat-per-day TWICE DAILY medication. Medicated cats must be in a cage by themselves.
    • 5% discount for all cats adopted from Pittwater Animal Hospital. THIS IS AUTOMATICALLY APPLIED IF YOU SELECT “PITTWATER ADOPTION CAT” UNDER YOUR CAT’S TEMPERAMENT.
    • 5% discount for stays 10 days and over.
    • 12.5% discount for stays 28 days and over.
    • Check out after 12pm is charged as a half day.

Extras Available while your cat is staying with us can be booked through calling reception on 9913 7979 

  1. Vaccination F3 while staying at the hotel:
  2. Bravecto 6 months flea and tick control:
  3. Nail Clipif your cat is happy to be handled: $24.29 per cat
  4. Dental Scale and Polish with Blood Test and GA – Cat Hotel Guests receive our Discount Price:
  5. Complete Health Review:- Full Comprehensive Blood Profile, Urine tests and Blood Pressure with discharge appointment and summary – discounted price:
Other room types available in the Pittwater Vets Cat Hotel

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