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If your cat is due for it’s F3 vaccination you can

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Cats need to be vaccinated every year to maintain their immunity against herpes and calici viruses as well as feline enteritis.

Due to recent outbreaks of Feline Enteritis (contagious bloody diarrhoea), we are encouraging all our clients with cats to be extra vigilant about keeping their vaccinations current.

We have also been treating many of the stray cats coming into Pittwater Animal Hospital for Cat Flu (herpes and calici virus). This is a life-long debilitating disease that causes recurrent sneezing, runny eyes, nasal discharge, mouth and eye ulcers. Cat Flu is very common on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and can be easily prevented with regular vaccinations.

While you are at Pittwater Animal Hospital having your cat’s vaccinations boosted your pet will be receiving a comprehensive health check with one of our very experienced veterinarians. A yearly health check for your cat is comparable with us having a check with your doctor every 5 years. Cats have shorter lifespans and the different age related health and behaviour signs can change from year to year.

For excellent health care your yearly vaccination can include

  • Administering booster vaccinations.
  • Full physical examination. This will include include discussion of any skin lumps, inflamed skin, age related changes and newly developing physical problems. The weight will be recorded and the heartbeat and dental health noted and discussed.
  • Regular screening blood tests.
  • Fine needle aspirates can be done on skin lumps to try to give more information on whether they are benign or more dangerous, and should be removed.
  • Skin cytology can be performed to identify changes in the skin or ears.
  • Preventative Health review. We can up-date intestinal worm protection, discuss tick prevention and review parasite control.
  • Discuss your cat’s weight and the type and amount of food you are feeding.
  • Behavioural advice.
  • Advise and adjust any medication prescribed for your cat.
  • Schedule a cartrophen course.
  • Clip nails and discuss grooming.

It is often best to write a list of your concerns before you come, so we can make sure everything is addressed at your yearly health check and vaccination.

Boarding cat vaccination and consultation form

Settling your new adoption kitten/cat.

How to introduce cats to each other.

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