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When you have chosen a new cat it is best to keep it in a closed off area of the house so it can become comfortable in it’s environment. Encourage your kitten to use a litter tray and keep the tray nice and clean.

You can encourage litter tray use by gently placing the kitten on the litter tray every hour or two or at times when the kitten is more likely to use the tray. Kittens will often toilet after a meal or after a sleep. If the kitten uses the tray, give it lots of attention and maybe a food reward.

If your kitten toilets in the wrong place try to race it to the litter tray. Try not to frighten the kitten as you don’t want them hiding and doing their droppings in odd places. With gentle persistence most kittens train quickly, especially if kept in a small area.

Try not to over-feed the kitten in the first few days and keep on bland food. Kittens often get diarrhoea when they come to to new home.

It is good to handle kittens a lot. When they are in a playful mood, playing through an object such as string or a toy or chasing a light can stimulate them and tire them out. Once exhausted they are better for gentle handling and simple grooming and stroking.

Within the first few days book an appointment for a free kitten check so one of our experienced veterinarians can make sure your new pet is healthy and go through the best ways to keep your kitten in good health. There will be vaccinations to keep up to date and parasite control to be discussed.

For advice on preventative health also see our Pittwater Kitten Check List.

If your kitten is not already desexed find out why our hospital will be he best place for your pet to have this important operation. Desexing at Pittwater Animal Hospital

Settling your new adoption kitten/cat.

How to introduce cats to each other.

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