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Charlie’s life threatening blocked intestine

This is Charlie. He is lucky to be alive.

Charlie is a local Northern Beaches dog who is only 6 months old. He was vomiting and unwell so was taken to his local vet. Charlie was soon diagnosed with an intestinal foreign body. He had eaten something which was completely blocking his small intestine. Without surgery Charlie would die.

Unfortunately Charlie’s owners had not insured him and a major surgery like this would cost somewhere between $2-4000 depending on complications and aftercare.

PAH acts as the local pound and we have the discretion to accept surrendered animals. Our practice manager Sarah allowed Charlie to be surrendered, with the aim of our PAH surgeons operating on Charlie. We do not usually take surrendered dogs but Charlie would have died without us stepping in and we are very experienced at foreign body surgery.

Charlie’s condition was stabilised with intravenous fluids and pain relief. Xrays showed an obvious obstruction of the small intestine.

Charlie was prepared for surgery with Dr Jill and Dr Alana. When his abdomen was opened it revealed a thick, red, unhappy looking loop of bowel. This surgery was just in time. An incision was made in his intestine and a long sausage of cloth was slowly removed. UNDERPANTS!

After the intestine was repaired, Dr Alana closed the abdomen. Charlie recovered quite well and within 24 hours was much brighter and starting to be interested in food.

One week later he is as bright as a button and spending time with Dr Tanian’s big dogs. Now he needs a home. He is very lovable but still an active puppy who needs to be very careful with what he eats. No more underpants!

Please contact us if you think he might be your new dog…..he is desexed, vaccinated and registered and will be up for adoption. Please call reception on 99137979 if you are interested.

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