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Customer Care

Sarah Yelavic

Customer Care Manager – Sarah Yelavic

Sarah has been one of our hard-working vet nurses for many years but has been away on maternity leave looking after the beautiful Vinnie. In 2018 Sarah embarked on a fabulous new journey to really step-up our customer care. Sarah manages reception with the aim to make your visits as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

We deal with all sorts of problems in this very large veterinary hospital and realise that in times of stress our customers and our patients can become anxious. Sarah always knows the best ways to settle your nerves and help your pet feel more relaxed.

The reception team are often busy but they are aiming to give you the best service they can, to ensure all our customers are well cared for.

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Steph Lenert

Receptionist – Steph Lenert

Steph is the unflappable face of Pittwater Animal Hospital. After working at reception at the RSCPA, Steph has seen everything.

Coming from a reception rather than veterinary nursing background we have been pleasantly surprised with how smoothly our front desk has been running since the Steph and Sarah team took over in mid 2018. The phone will be ringing, clients being served and an emergency arrives but everything will be OK. Our customer care team are in charge.

You can feel reassured by the team at Pittwater Animal Hospital.

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