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Dental Promo

August is Dental Month.

Come in for a free dental check which will be performed by one of our experienced veterinarians. Book onlineWe can tell you if your pet is in danger of developing dental disease and how the slow the progression. If your pet would benefit from a dental clean and polish under anaesthetic we have special offers this month. There are also special offers available on dental food

We would like to offer you the discount that our animals in the Pittwater Dental Program receive. This takes approximately 20% off the cost of a dental procedure. 

You will receive

  • A discounted dental scale and polish under anaesthetic for your pet
  • A discounted blood test. PAB
  • One free bag of Royal Canin Dental food to go home
  • A free finger-brush to try brushing your pet’s teeth

If you think your pet might benefit from a dental scale and polish under anaesthetic plus follow up monitoring through the dental program book in for a free dental assessment. 

Book Online

or call us on 9913 7979

Read on for all the details

At Pittwater we try to emphasise good dental health for your pets throughout their lives. To encourage you to care for your pet’s teeth better, we have a discounted dental program.

Some pets will need a regular scale and polish under anaesthetic no matter how vigilant you are about at home care. If this dental prophylaxis is not performed your pet will have an infected, smelly mouth which is a source of bacteria not only for your pet’s body but for the general environment. Dental disease is particularly painful and makes your pet unhappy and can change their behaviour. 

If your pet has a regular anaesthetic for a teeth clean, the procedure must be as safe a possible. At Pittwater Animal Hospital all the dogs and cats having our dental promo proceedures will have

  • A Pre Anaesthetic Blood Test 
  • Pre anaesthetic health check
  • Intraoperative intravenous fluids
  • Modern gaseous anaesthetic
  • Veterinary dental examination
  • Ultrasonic scale of all teeth to remove tartar from the enamel
  • High speed polish to smooth the enamel to discourage tartar formation
  • If extractions are needed we will
    • charge by time taken
    • give pain relief by injection and take home pain relief for no extra charge
    • give antibiotics if needed
  • Animals are monitored on recovery by a fully qualified veterinary nurse.
  • For at-home-care after any procedure at PAH look at our After Care page.

Pets arrive at the hospital between 8:15am and 9am on the day they are booked in for their dental procedure. (Weekdays only). 

Pre anaesthetic instructions for dogs and cats.

Pittwater Dental Promo prices for 2018 are discounted by at least $100 on our regular price.

Our promos have been running for a few years now. There is overwhelming evidence that healthy mouths are important for the long term health and well being of your pet. Our vets have also enjoyed keeping mouths clean rather than extracting diseased teeth.

Animals that have a dental at Pittwater Animal Hospital automatically join our Pittwater Dental Program.

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