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At Pittwater Animal Hospital we offer a free puppy health check for all new dogs. If your pet is unhealthy or injured a full consultation should be booked.

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You have a consultation with one of our experienced veterinarians who will

  • Thoroughly examine your new pet for any health problems.
  • Discuss the breed and temperament.
  • Tailor a Preventative Health Plan which we recommend for your dog including

To discuss what we can offer you for your new puppy with one of our staff, please fill our the contact form below.

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    At Pittwater Animal Hospital we can take the stress out of your pet care and you will know your new dog is being well looked after by a professional veterinary team.

    Our veterinarians can give you advice on how to settle you new pet into your family.

      Make an Appointment with the Vet

    or call us on 9913 7979

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    A great follow up is the attend the Pittwater Animal Hospital Puppy School.

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