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If your dog is due for it’s Canine Cough (KC) and C2 vaccination you can

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Pets on the Northern Beaches enjoy a fantastic level of health and well being. Vaccinating your pet, not only protects your animal but the general animal population. If your animal is over-due for vaccination and you would like to return to the program, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page. We can arrange a comprehensive health check and review your vaccinations.

The KC vaccination protects against Bordetella bronchiseptica and Parainfluenza commonly known as Canine Cough or Kennel Cough.

Due to the high incidence of Canine Cough in our area, we have been working hard to make sure we are using the most effective vaccine combinations. Pittwater Animal Hospital now uses a rapidly acting oral bortadella vaccination plus an injectable parainfluenza vaccination. 

Bordetella bronchiseptica and Parainfluenza are the contagious coughing diseases. Protection is difficult and just like human flu vaccinations needs to be refreshed yearly. The Northern Beaches is an area with a high level of contagious coughing disease in dogs due to our social and active population and less than 100% vaccination usage. Your dog will commonly be exposed to the coughing viruses.

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease spread by infected rat urine. It causes rapid onset organ failure, jaundice and death. Leptospirosis was first diagnosed on the Northern Beaches in mid 2021 and is now part of our standard yearly vaccination regime.

Corona virus is a diarrhoea virus in dogs. We find this common in unvaccinated puppies in this area. The vaccination is paired with the Leptospirosis vaccination so is now a standard yearly vaccination.

Your dog may be due a Heartworm injection at the same time as vaccination.

While you are at Pittwater Animal Hospital having your dog’s vaccinations boosted your pet will be receiving a comprehensive health check with one of our very experienced veterinarians. A yearly health check for your dog is comparable with us having a check with your doctor every 5 years. Dogs have shorter lifespans and the different age related health and behaviour signs can change from year to year.

For excellent health care your yearly vaccination can include

  • Administering booster vaccinations.
  • Full physical examination. This will include include discussion of any skin lumps, inflamed skin, age related changes and newly developing physical problems. The weight will be recorded and the heartbeat and dental health noted and discussed.
  • Regular screening blood tests.
  • Fine needle aspirates can be done on tumours to try to give more information as to if they are benign or more dangerous.
  • Skin cytology can be performed to better manage changes in the skin surface.
  • Preventative Health review. Where we up-date heartworm protection, discuss tick prevention, review parasite control.
  • Discuss your dog’s weight and the type and amount of food you are feeding.
  • Behavioural advice.
  • Advise and adjust any medication prescribed for your dog.
  • Schedule a cartrophen course.
  • Clip nails and discuss grooming.
  • Express anal sacs

It is often best to write a list of your concerns before you come so we can make sure everything is addressed at your yearly health check and vaccination.


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