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If you have an emergency and we are open come down straight away. 

If you are unsure if it is an emergency call reception on 9913 7979

We will always make room for any emergency.

If your pet needs immediate care and we are not open, (or about to close), please ring NEVS (Northside Emergency Veterinary Service) pH: 9452 2933

NEVS is at 335 Mona Vale Road Terrey Hills.

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Emergency Service Map, NEVS

The map at the top shows you must be travelling east from Forest Way to access the driveway to NEVS. Coming from our direction the best route takes a back road through Terrey Hills bringing you out at the lights at Forest Way where you turn left towards Mona Vale. Drive slowly as the driveway is only a few hundred meters from the corner. The driveway is at the “Keep Left Unless Overtaking” sign and it is lined with big boulders. (This is also the “Forest Coaches” building)

Park at the front in visitors parking if an emergency. Ring the front bell to get in. Walk along the corridor then ring the doorbell to be let in.

There are several designated NEVS parking spots if you drive to the left under the building. Take the stairwell up to the entrance corridor and the entrance door will be on your left. If you are unable to carry your animal ring 9452 2933 and a nurse will come down and assist you. 

A nurse will then greet you and triage your pet immediately. Urgent cases will be taken straight through for treatment. Less urgent cases will wait to see the vet.

If your pet is hospitalised at NEVS, but is stable enough for transfer the next weekday morning, NEVS will transport your pet back to Pittwater Animal Hospital in their purpose built ambulance at no extra cost to you.

All NEVS records, Xrays and results are sent to Pittwater within 24 hours of you attending the service. We will have an up-to-date record of all your pets health care on our computer files.

How NEVS works

NEVS was founded in the 1980’s to give cover for emergency treatment to Northern Beaches pets when the regular veterinary hospitals are closed. PAH was one of the founding hospitals. For many years Dr Bryn Lynar was a director and now Dr Jill King is a director of NEVS.

Our hospital pays a monthly fee so NEVS will look after our patients. For this fee we may

  • Transfer unwell animals for monitoring and treatment at no additional consultation fee.
  • Have our patients transported back to our hospital for free.
  • If an animal has been seen at our hospital in the past 24 hours it will be seen for a reduced consultation fee.

We have always had a very good relationship with NEVS and many of our vets and nurses have worked there. NEVS gives an excellent standard of care. Their veterinarians will contact us to let us know that your pet has been admitted to hospital. They will often contact us out of hours to discuss complex problems. We work together as a team to hopefully get your pet back to being healthy and happy as quickly as possible.

How to cope in an emergency

What to do if you have lost your pet


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