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Some of our pets die quietly at home, but for other pets they have deteriorating health and very poor quality of life and a decision is made to euthanase. Our veterinarians can guide you in this, but the decision is ultimately up to you, the pet’s owner.

If you have decided to euthanase your pet, this can be done at Pittwater Animal Hospital or at your home. A sedative injection is given to help your pet feel more settled and comfortable. We may then place an indwelling intravenous catheter. Once the catheter is in place you can hold your pet in the position they will find most comfortable and when you are ready, an over-dose of anesthetic is administered intravenously. This works very quickly and your pet will pass away pain free. Sometimes they will make some funny noises, but generally it is very quiet and very quick.

Your pet’s body can then be taken home for burial or left in our care for group burial. We also offer individual cremation where your pet’s body is taken away and a few weeks later returned as ashes in a small wooden box, urn or scatter box. A brass plaque can be added to the small wooden box to commemorate your pet.

We know this is a difficult time for any pet owner and it is often very difficult for the whole family. At Pittwater Animal Hospital we try to be as understanding as possible at this difficult time.

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