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Eyelid tumour surgery

This is Jada the 10 year old Border Collie. She came into see Dr Jill at PAH with a weeping right eye. Jada had a 7mm tumour on her upper eyelid that was constantly rubbing on her eye causing irritation.
Surgery on eyelids can be tricky. Once the tumour is excised the lid margin needs to heal back together with a smooth line. A lumpy eyelid would also cause irritation. To be more exact, the surgery is done under magnification. It is also important that no suture material is able to rub on the eye so the knot needs to be well away from the eye.
2 weeks after surgery The suture is removed and Jada’s eye looks fantastic. The laboratory results revealed it was a “tarsal gland epithelioma” that was completely removed. Jada has had an excellent recovery.

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