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Fabulous Cakes after a great results for Oscar

This is Oscar. He is a 7 year old Labradoodle who has had more than his fair share of health problems. Oscar regularly goes to hydrotherapy with Fran at #3monkeyscaninerehab for his mobility and is on a very restricted diet for his gut health. Oscar often has reactions to medication we give him, making any treatment a bit complicated. 
Oscar in the hydrobath at 3 monkeys canine rehab
This year Oscar had a break from the pool because he developed a nasty tumour on his foot pad. PADS ARE SO DIFFICULT TO HEAL!
The 10mm tumour on Oscar’s back pad.
The 10mm tumour on Oscars main pad was initially biopsied and the lab reported it was a soft tissue sarcoma. It really needed to be removed with a margin of normal tissue. This would be a very difficult task in this restricted area. To complicate matters more Oscar can not tolerate anti-inflammatories or anti-biotics.
The tumour was removed surgically with a small margin but healing was slow in this difficult area. After surgery, it took many weeks of dressing with manuka honey. You can see the half healed wound.
2 weeks after surgery the pad still needs to heal. It is bandaged regularly and manuka honey applied.
Oscar is so good leaving the bandage on his left back foot.
Some weeks later it is fully healed at last.

Finally the pad has completely healed and the tumour does not appear to be regrowing despite the narrowest of surgical margins.

Oscar’s owners Nancy and Kate were so pleased with the results that they dropped off the MOST AMAZING CAKES to Dr Juliet and the team at PAH. We love you guys and are super excited about the wonderful result for Oscar.

Dr Juliet appreciating the delicious cakes.

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