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We try to answer your questions about Pittwater Animal Hospital. Some things you might already know, but there are some unexpected quirky facts.

What is the advantage of coming to such a big veterinary hospital?

Attending to a large veterinary hospital gives you a significant advantage in the the level of service offered. This includes

  • A large professional staff with varied interests and skills. Our vets take special interest in a variety of topics. This means more complicated problems in areas such a skin disease, behaviour, exotics, ultrasound, orthopedics and complex medical and surgical problems can be referred and discussed between the team.
  • Equipment and resources can be kept up-to-date in a large hospital compared to smaller suburban clinics.
  • Pittwater Animal Hospital can offer a variety of added services such as Puppy School, The Cat Hotel, Hot Dog Grooming as well as our very well resourced and regularly updated website which is used as an educational tool for our clients.
  • The large team of veterinary nurses and receptionists are trained to a higher level by the case load and complexity of things we encounter. All our nurses are more than capable of setting up emergency iv and general urgent care treatment. The reception team can rise to the most stressful overflow situations, keeping everyone calm and well cared for.
  • The logistics of managing a large hospital means we need to be responsive and agile when presented with new challenges. We are very proud of our management team. Practice manager Sarah and vet nursing team manager Lisa coordinate systems such as patient reports, reminders, follow up, result management, patient care and monitoring. We strive to have well organized systems that are constantly reviewed.

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Can I see the same vet when I come to Pittwater Animal Hospital?

Each of our vets consult in a slightly different way, and will approach veterinary care slightly differently. One of the fabulous things about PAH is being able to see the same vet for year after year as we have a history of retaining staff for many years. 


Sessions are staggered over the week and you can be explore who is available on our online booking platform. In emergency situations, you may need to see a different vet in the team, but can be rest assured that they will all have the same diligence and care for your pet.

Who is a good vet for skin problems?

All Pittwater’s veterinarians treat skin problems on a daily basis. For unusual skin cases or those that are difficult to manage Dr Heidi Furber takes a special interest in skin.

Which vet do dogs like the best?

Hands down the vet with the best “bedside manner” is Dr Eamon Grattan-Smith. (He definitely goes through the most treats in the practice.) Eamon is also a very capable and experienced consulting and surgical veterinarian. Having said that, all dogs are different. Some much prefer the female vets. They are all different.

Which vet should I try to see with my bird, snake or turtle?

Dr Juliet Smithyman has a special interest in birds and reptiles. Birds are commonly admitted and cared for in our bird hospital

What vet should I see about my dog or cat's behaviour?

All our vets give behavioural advice. Dr Jill King has a special interest in behaviour and can help long term management of your pets behaviour. 

Pittwater is a family owned practice - what does that mean?

Pittwater Animal Hospital is owned and run by a veterinary team that worked for many years before buying in. Eamon, Jill and Heidi have each worked at Pittwater between 18 and 30 years. Some veterinary clinics are owned by big corporations. They are run by managers that come and go and need to hit performance targets. Our team is all from the local community and aim to serve the community for years into the future.


Our staff live locally and we train and develop our staff in the hope that they will stay part of our team for many years. The result is a veterinary team you know and can trust.

Who are the Wild Walkers?

Heidi has always taken walking very seriously. Any spare moment she will be off for a walk – and it is certainly not a stroll. Heidi has already done Coastrek Sydney, The Bloody Long Walk, numerous multi-day treks plus Oxfam. In 2023 Heidi along with  Juliet and Maria walked the longest Coastrek walk of 60km and raised over $6000 for the heart foundation. Wild walkers indeed!


Who is the best vet to see if you have a big dog?

What a very important question! Dr Tanian Naude is a great vet for big dogs. From Great Danes to German Shepherds and of course any Ridgeback  – Tanian is a great vet to see.

Is Bryn still around?

In 2018 Dr Bryn Lynar sold the practice making Eamon, Jill and Heidi joint partners. Bryn retired from clinical practice in late 2021 but is still a valuable member of the team. Bryn is in charge of enjoying himself the most at any celebration. A job he rises to every time!

Who is our favourite vet nurse?

Ha Ha. Genevieve of course! Our nurses complain that Genevieve is the favourite…. but she is their favourite too.  

What are the best gifts dropped off at the vets?

Pittwater Animal Hospital has the kindest clients IN THE WORLD! People regularly drop off all sorts of lollies, cakes, chocolates and savories. Everything is appreciated! 


Jill, Heidi, Lizzie and Juliet do like champagne! 

How long has Dr Lizzie been working at Pittwater?

Dr Lizzie Allen arrived in 2020 to help us get through the Covid 19 crisis. Lizzie has fitted into our team seamlessly and has been a wonderful consulting vet. She is now permanent part-time. Clients can tell she is going to do a thorough job and the pets really like Dr Lizzie.


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