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At Pittwater Animal Hospital we try to care for your pet all through their life. When end of life comes close, we help you make kind and caring decisions. Most animals do not die peacefully in their sleep. As their human carers we are often left with the decision to euthanaise a beloved pet, to avoid further suffering.

After your pet has died there are a variety of options to care for their body. Many people elect to have their pet privately cremated. Our cremation service Patch and Purr has an excellent reputation for integrity and care. 

Before deciding how proceed with your pet’s final care it maybe helpful to read the following information so you can decide how you would like Pittwater Animal Hospital to care for your pet. 

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When end of life nears, your veterinarian can guide you to decide if euthanasia may be the kindest care. This decision is always your final choice as your pet’s care is your responsibility. Euthanasia at Pittwater Animal Hospital is performed as gently as possible.

  • The decision is first confirmed between you and your veterinarian.
  • A pain relief and sedative injection is usually administered.
  • You can sit quietly with your pet as they relax and become more settled.
  • Once they are very settled, their forearm is clipped and some local anaesthetic cream is usually applied.
  • An intravenous line is placed.
  • When you are ready, an over dose of anaesthetic is given.
  • Your pet will pass away within a few minutes of this injection.
  • Sometimes your pet will make some reflex breathing noises for up to 10 minutes.

Caring for the body

Some people still take their pets home to bury in the garden. We can help wrap your pet’s body and you can take them home.

Most people now have their pets privately cremated. Our cremation service Patch and Purr is very highly regarded and gives caring and prompt service. A metal tracking disk is applied to each pet that is being cremated so that you can track the journey.

Cremation options

There are several cremation options

Group burial

If you do not wish private cremation for your pet but instead wish a group burial the cost of this care is the euthanasia charge plus between $50 and $100 depending on the size of your pet.

All arrangements can be discussed and organised with our very understanding receptionists before you even arrive.

To discuss arrangements please ring Reception 9913 7979

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