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The First Night at Home

1: Try not to over stimulate your puppy, as they may find it difficult to settle at night.

2: Try not to overfeed a ravenous eater. Small puppies may only need a few tablespoons and larger puppies ½ a cup of biscuits.

3: Before putting the pup to bed have a very quiet walk outside. Ignore the pup until they go to the toilet, then have a little play.

4: Try to settle your puppy on a comfortable bed, then when more settled leave them. Some puppies would prefer to be in a covered box or crate as they feel safer in small spaces.

5: If your pup wakes in the night you might take them to the toilet, but don’t interact, just take them out onto the grass. If they do go to the toilet give some praise and a pat, maybe a food reward, then back to bed.