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Free Kitten Health Check

At Pittwater Animal Hospital we offer a free new cat or kitten health check for all new cats. If your pet is unhealthy or injured a full consultation should be booked.

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You have a consultation with the veterinarian and we thoroughly examine your new pet for any health problems. We discuss the breed and temperament then tailor a Preventative Health Plan which we recommend for your pet. As part of this plan vaccinations, medications and desexing plans are scheduled and reminders will be sent to your mobile phone.

Dr Juliet Smithyman with one of our stray kittens. 

Our veterinarians can give you advice on feeding and grooming and how to settle you new pet into your family.

Contact us to book an appointment for your free kitten check.

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Desexing at Pittwater Animal Hospital

Fact Sheet: New Kitten Check List